Saturday, December 14, 2013

Desire by B.L. Wilde

Desire by B.L. Wilde

    “Rule #3: Case files are confidential. Anyone found sharing information will be dealt with accordingly.  
Everyone knew the ‘dealt with accordingly’ part couldn’t be good, so no one had
broken the rule while I’d been here to actually find out.”

    This rule on page 12 gives you an idea just how devoted the Seductors are to their craft.  And are they devoted.  It’s pretty obvious to say that sex plays a big part in this story and new series by B.L. Wilde, but it’s more than just sex.  There are amazing characters, both the real character and the Seductor character they create to reach their objectives.  I was intrigued at the idea of a female James Bond-like company and I was not disappointed.
“Rule #1: Seductors must never get attached to their target. If this happens, the mission will be classified as a Code 1 and any further contact between the target and Seductor will be terminated.
I had no conscience when it came to stealing, nor did I care who wanted these
blueprints. Clients had the choice of remaining anonymous to the chosen Seductor—as
was the case with this job—but I never thought about the outcome anyway. This was
business. It was all about the money, and this deal was worth five million dollars. It was
the biggest mission I’d ever been assigned to, and I would succeed. There was no doubt
in my mind.”

    Rule number one and Jade’s own inner monologue explains perfectly how and why she goes into the Seductor character without a second thought to what repercussions her actions or findings may lead to.  It’s a very interesting blend of loving and despising Jade, as if she’s two completely different characters instead of one who simply separates herself from her working persona.  It seems that her heart may have finally met it’s match in her latest target file in Oliver Kirkham, but will she let her heart win out?  You know me, I don’t do spoilers so you have to read Desire if you want to discover the answer to the mystery of Jade’s heart.
    I will say that you will not be disappointed and I for one am longing for the next installment of the Seductors series.  Sexy, adventure, sexy, intrigue, sexy, romance, sexy, humor, sexy, passion, and did I mention sexy?  It’s all here.  Oliver is the kind of man that most of us dream about and Jade is definitely the free spirited, independent, and strong woman most of us want to be.  And because of Miss Wilde’s amazing writing we feel that we are  not only reading Jade and Oliver’s story but actually experiencing it.  Can’t wait to see what this author brings us in the future.

5 Stars

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